Discover the joy of a great fitting bra using our guide.

Let us show you how to fit your new bra yourself from home, using the same techniques as we use in the boutique.

We want you to love your bra, and be confident to buy from us. We have free returns for our UK customers, and can always be contacted on for help and guidance. 

The bra used in this guide is the iconic Madison by Prima Donna.. you can view it here.

bra fit at home guide.jpg

To calculate your bra size

Measure under the bust round up or down to the nearest inch to get band size add 2 inches if the answer is even 3 if odd. That is your band size.

Measure across the cup in inches at the fullest part.

The difference between the original measurement and the cup measurement is how you calculate your cup size.

the same size = AA

1” diff = A
2″ = B
3″ = C
4 ‘ = D

We prefer to measure by eye or sight, as bra sizes change according to the fit style and make of the bra you are buying. We have tried to give you a guide on fit here.

To get started as guide to your first purchase please use our fit guide to judge your size by the fit of your current best fitting bra that you know the size of, and the table below.

To measure take the band measurement directly below the bust and ensure the tape sits on the skin. 

To measure the cup take the widest part of your cup across the nipple and straight around the back. 

Be sure to check our SIZE CHART to convert the size to UK or other sizing. EG a 34E here will be a 34DD in fantasie sizing.